Tuesday, April 1, 2008

2007 Bowman DP&P Break

Store open. Paul think, "hmmm. store sell draft 60 dollar. paul has 60 dollar. paul buy draft". That's when Paul got perhaps the greatest hit of his life, barring all other days except this day. What did I really get?

Notable Chromes: Moustakas, Heyward, Parker, Bumgarner, Fairley
Refractors: Jon Danks, Yovani Gallardo, Ryan Braun (MIL)
Xfractors: Wendell Fairley
Auto: BDPP129 Matt Mangini AU

BDP is one of the rare products in which the auto is half the time not the best hit. The Mangini goes for around $8 on eBay and the Fairley $14. Adding that to the Braun ($3) the Gallardo ($0.27), the Danks ($0.02) and the chromes (about $9 put together), we have

$34.29 worth of hits! Woohoo! Ah well. Perhaps I can convince someone to trade the Mangini for a Michael Main chrome, using the constant yell of SAME BV to make them trade with me. Oh, and by the way that Beckett video was hilarious. eBay values really are the only values anymore.

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