Wednesday, April 16, 2008

2008 Topps Opening Day


36 packs per box
6 cards / stick o' gum per pack

2008's crappy parallel edition of the best brand ever.

Base Set

220 players/rookies. They are red.


White - 220 players/rookies serially numbered to 2008. They are white.
Printing Plates - 220 players/rookies serially numbered to 1. They are crappy.
Flappers - "Individual cards that transform into multiple cards" proudly brags Topps.
Puzzle - Rip 400 packs and you can complete the puzzle!

the Chase is on!


Anthony LerewAtlanta Braves
Glen PerkinsMinnesota Twins
Jason BartlettMinnesota Twins
Jason BottsTexas Rangers
Jeff BakerColorado Rockies
John BuckKansas City Royals
John RheineckerTexas Rangers
Kevin GreggFlorida Marlins
Nate SchierholtzSan Francisco Giants

Whole buncha stars right there. One per case.

Is it worth it? has it at $33 delivered using coupons. You couldn't pay me $33 to take this kind of shit.

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