Friday, May 23, 2008

SPX- New Title: Waste of $PX

$PX is a crappy, $160 a box product. The autos sell for 99 cents on eBay and the game used cards, excluding the patches, are crummy. What happened to this product? Every year it gets worse and worse. You can start by reviewing the checklist. They have a couple of "Young Star autos" which are essentially ugly looking autographs of Nate McLouth, Joaquin Arias, Mike Fontenot and a couple of other scrubs (yeah, McLouth is off to a hot start, but I mean, come on). This is along with other minor stars that sell for $4 on eBay. Cases in point: Joel Zumaya, Tom Gorzelanny, Stephen Drew. This is what you would expect out of a $70 product, not a $160 one. But at least the checklist has some money-bringers: Ryan Braun, Troy Tulowitzki, Phil Hughes. But even those rare gems are in the $15-20 range, simply because they are standard autos of good players with lots of autos. The rookie autograph checklist is simply atrocious. There's Buchholz and Ian Kennedy, and to a lesser extent Votto, Daric Barton, JR Towles, and Wladimir Balentien. The checklist says it has Bruce, Rasmus, Longoria, Fukudome, and Carlos Gonzalez. Sure. I haven't seen any of those pulled. Okay, so they're in the Rookie Redemption cards, I guess. Those should be going for a lot. WRONG!!!!!! They're going for less than 50 dollars and the checklist hasn't been released yet. And those, along with the crappy 1/1 Babe Ruth (yes, crappy 1/1 Babe Ruths) and crappy 1/1 Ken Griffey American hero (which, by the way, are going for a ridiculous 70 dollars even though they're just rare pieces of cardboard with absolutely nothing but a reprinted box score on them) are the CASE hits.

The patches aren't doing so hot either. Sick patches of Chase Utley and Eric Chavez are going for less than 10 dollars.

Sure there are the Derek Jeter autos. Sure there are the Griffey autos. But these are less than one per case hits its starting to look like.

I will say this: if it goes to $100 it's a damn good buy. Anything above that is insane. $160? I don't think so.

Oh, but the base is sweet.

Product Grade: C-

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